Virtual Reality Training

We have entered the time where Virtual Reality is lowering costs and increasing process. If you think that getting a Virtual Reality solution is very costly, think again. Virtual Reality process training is becoming affordable and is within reach of many organisations that are willing to enhance their training processes and making a larger impact on their business.

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HSE Training

VizExperts aims to help every profession by providing them with a Health and Safety Training solution because we understand that the safety of staff is most important. Needless to say that our solutions enhance your existing training procedures by providing a much more interactive and immersive experience. The whole point is to enhance learning by not just ‘observing’ by ‘doing’. Some benefits:


Improved Reflexes

  • • Quick decision making
  • • Protection from high-risk situations

Lower Costs

  • • No need for trainer’s supervision
  • • Money saved can be invested for other purposes

Risk Reduction

  • • Worker Safety
  • • Training without heavy and hazardous equipment

Business Process Training

Virtual Reality is a tool that can be used for training a wide range of business processes, ranging from industries to HR to operations and much more. Our solutions are suitable for each and every domain and aims to enhance the training process, and reducing time and money invested. Some examples:

VR buss

VR for Industrial Training

  • Immersive training for better retention
  • Safer Training Environment

VR for HR

  • Impress the potential candidates with an immersive experience

  • • Connect with people (remotely located) in a virtual environment

VR for Sales

  • • Enhance skills of your sales team
  • • Woo customers by making them experience the power of Virtual Reality

VR for Operations

  • Better and cost effective training platform high risk scenarios
  • See complex structures easily and interact with them
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