Increasing the efficiency of any process has always been the cornerstone of every progressive revolution, since the onset of industrialisation. With the onset of automation, in what we are seeing as industry 4.0, the need to enhance the manufacturing processes by incorporating cognitive learning into the business process is on the rise. One of the technologies that has actively contributed to this is Virtual Reality (VR), which has the potential to automate any and all manufacturing and learning/training processes. As opposed to the traditional idea of engagement, the hear-see-do experience offered by VR makes it possible to learn as well test the most complex things in the easiest way possible. The versatile nature of VR enables automation in multiple disciplines like manufacturing, research and learning, training, design, architecture, construction, etc.
For research and learning, VR has the capability of single handedly stimulating growth in research and augmenting the curriculum that exists.  By using VR interaction tools, virtual training can be provided on insanely expensive equipment for a very marginal cost and damage risk.  Through virtual prototyping, VR also reduces the time manufacturing and new product development.  The emerging entertainment and media providers can provide a very attractive and immersive way of interacting with the virtual environment.

Virtual reality modal
Virtual reality solution

Some key features of our solutions that set us apart are:

  • Custom developed ultra-high resolution 3D based immersive content for realistic feel
  • Interactive and collaborative content
  • Configurable to specific user requirements
  • High operational life
  • Phenomenally low cost of ownership

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