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15% Reduced Cost, 80% Reduced Time!

Snow & Avalanche Training Center @ DRDO, Chandigarh

75% more effectiveness, 30% reduction in costs
Simulate & Train for high-risk, accident prone situations

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What is Virtual Reality

VizExperts is a pioneer in delivering highly customizable Virtual Reality solutions for a variety of requirements from mission-critical battlefield equipment operators to industrial equipment and process trainers. With experience in delivering the entire ambit of digital training and design solutions from Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions to Immersive Training Solutions for over 12 years, we offer the right design, training, process, and marketing solution for any given problem statement.

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation or replacement of one’s environment. For example, you put on a headset with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors, it blocks out your worldview and substitutes the digital world that’s designed to control your senses from the point of view of your brain.

Benefits of Virtual Prototyping

Upto 80% time saving & shorter time to market

  • All design decisions can be done directly on the CAD data. No need to create a physical prototype for design reviews and analysis. This has a huge time saving as making a physical prototype is very time consuming. The traditional product development process typically involves building a physical prototype and taking it to the lab for testing. The testing will likely reveal several design flaws that require a re-design or re-configuration. This build–test–redesign–retest cycle can stretch the development schedule indefinitely. Virtual prototyping, on the other hand, eliminates the unnecessary loops from the design optimization process, by allowing virtual testing and design adjustments, cutting both time and costs of development as a result.

More competitive product

  • Overly relying on physical experimentation limits the number of creative ideas the designer can test. Virtual prototyping, on the other hand, is far less costly and time-consuming and allows engineers to freely experiment with innovative designs and scenarios, developing a highly competitive product in terms of functionality, performance and exterior design.

Upto 20% cost saving

  • The cost of creating a physical prototype is saved by the organization. Moreover the cost of business travel for design reviews is a major saving!

Higher design quality

  • Performing engineering calculations using a spreadsheet and then building and testing a prototype can miss some fundamental errors. These errors might result in design flaws that will not become apparent before the product gets manufactured and distributed, resulting in warranty costs and even recalls. Using virtual prototyping tools allows engineers to test their products under a much larger variety of conditions and considerably improve their reliability and durability.

Virtual Reality Training Is The Future

Virtual reality training will help your employees to acquire the real-world application of things and become the best at what they do. This is going to revolutionize the way we train people today. Cultivate your workforce with an immersive VR training experience that establishes a computer generated artificial environment where your employees can practice jumping over realistic job hurdles. With virtual reality training, you can help your employees develop good skill sets and practice making decisions so that they can perform when it matters.   

Provide a realistic VR training experience where your employees can practice important tasks, experiments and procedures without the real-world implications of improper use. Repetition in artificially controlled environment can help your workforce cultivate the abilities they’ll need when it matters the most while also lowering training costs and minimizing risks for your organization.   

Experience the simulated world with our indigenously developed VR solutions


With the introduction of virtual prototyping, efficiency is increased by ‘learning, seeing, doing and hearing’ simultaneously with more than 50% decrease in the design cost and time by using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for design visualization. Our solutions pace-up the design process along with reduced investments. Read More
VR Training In Ship Building


With VR, we provide a solution to manage project monitoring and production line easily. We provide a virtual world to schedule project performance review, feedback and instruction, even from a remote location. Our solutions eliminate the need of physical presence on the site to review work or instruct for certain tasks. Read More
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The strength of VR lies in its immersive experience to persuade consumers to buy a product. Our VR solutions offer the right platform to market your product/brand, for your customers and eventually gain the popularity it deserves. We offer 360-degree VR videos, brand promotional VR videos, VR Fly/Walk throughs, etc. Read More
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