5 Key Elements To Consider Before Purchasing A Video Wall For Your Organization

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So, the first thing to consider is why video wall and what are your goals. Organisations often go for the video wall solution to increase their audience and capture customers attention, to deliver a message, for meetings or just want to change the surrounding of their workplace. Secondly comes the selection of video wall controller as per need. We at VizExperts provides the complete integrated video wall solution. 

If you want to know the things you should consider before buying a video wall solution, then you have landed at the right place. Selecting the ideal video wall solution for your organization can be challenging. You’ll need to consider a number of elements, including display types, software, controllers, integration, support, and more. This seems to be confusing, but don’t worry, if you’re not sure where to start! We’ve laid out the most important questions you can ask yourself to start identifying your needs and exploring your options.

1. Display Consideration

What are your resolution requirements?

Resolution display refers to different levels of pixel density or quantity of pixels per inch. From the visualization point of view, pixel density is very important. It is responsible for the sharpness, clarity and detail of the images when viewed from close. So, for what purpose you need video wall display gives the solution to the pixel density requirement. 

How bright will the displays need to be?

The brightness of a given display visual type is affected by the way it emits light and retaliates to the ambient light. If your installation space has large windows or overhead lighting, then you should go for the display that provides the high-density brightness and won’t be affected by the surrounded lighting. A dim display of the video wall will make difficult for the viewer to see the visual thereby causing eye strain.

Will you be using your system for work or advertisement purpose? Will it be used for the whole day?

You gonna need a display type that offers high reliability and longevity if the video wall is going to be used for critical activities. LED and LCD display can support 24/7 use for years on end and may offer redundant power supplies and other added fail-safes.

What’s your budget?

It is one amongst the factors to consider as video wall display types can vary in cost. Be sure to consider both the total cost of the ownership and initial cost of the display when exploring different options. Some video wall system seems more affordable upfront,  the long-term costs of regular maintenance, consumable parts, and high power consumption can make them extremely expensive over time. So, be careful with the product and its future maintenance cost.

How much space do you have?

Installation or mounting of video wall display requires a suitable space. LED (Light Emitting Diode) or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) have narrow profiles and can be well mounted. Other systems like projection cubes and blended projection system, may demand several feet of floor space. Before purchasing any particular display type, be sure to determine how much space is available.

2. Software Considerations

Who will be using the system?

Before purchasing video wall software, be sure to consider who will be using the system, what specification needed and how familiar they’ll be with the system. Video wall system in the conference rooms and auditoriums is often operated by first-time users. So, to minimize this problem, a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality is the key. In video wall containing control rooms with more experienced, technically-savvy operators, it’s important to select software that provides the necessary features but well-designed and easy to use. 

How many simultaneous users will you have?

If your video wall system will be used in an environment where it will be operated by the multiple users, you’ll need a software platform that supports a multi-user workflow.

Are presentations a key focus of your application?

Presentation is one of the applications of the video wall system. If you want to mount the video wall, make sure that it supports presentation-building and delivery. Some software allows the user to build and save a sequence of content layouts, which can be presented one-by-one automatically on the visual display screen.  

3.Controller Considerations

Will you be playing pre-programmed content or controlling content in real-time?

The purpose of mounting the video wall must be cleared. Whether it is going to be used for the control room operations, presentations, visualization, or any other application that requires real-time content control, you’ll need a video wall controller that supports this type of dynamic interactivity.

How much content will you need to project at a particular time?

Controllers vary in the number of inputs they can receive and the number of different content sources they can display at once. If you need to display a large number of content sources simultaneously, be sure to select a controller with a large number of inputs and outputs specification.

Will you be projecting content to multiple video wall systems or auxiliary displays?

If you want to display visual content on more than one video wall or display surface, you’ll need to choose a controller that can manage multiple display surfaces together. If the displays are based on different software or have different aspect ratios, it’s important to make sure that the controller can manage this too.

Will you require advanced graphics system processing?

Some application like education, defense, manufacturing may involve the display of ultra-high resolution content. If your application requires these specifications, look for a controller or content supporting engine that features 3D accelerated graphics hardware and places a stronghold on the graphical performance.  

4. Environmental & System Considerations

IS YOUR system vulnerable to any environmental stresS?

Environment is one of the crucial concerns as per the project plans that could affect the system. Extreme humidity, temperatures and vibration can quickly damage a display system when put under these vulnerable conditions. Some controllers and display types are specifically designed for use in sub-optimal environments.

Are aesthetics a major concern?

If you’re placing a video wall display system in a university, corporate environment, or public space, you’ll have to make sure it’s attractive and placed at the centre of the wall.

5. System Support Considerations

Will your system be fully supported and protected?

You are well aware of the fact that purchasing a video wall is a big investment. So, make sure that it’s secure, protected and operated for the years to come. Choose a genuine video wall solution provider with a strong, long-term support plan that fulfill your needs.

Will your video wall provider be able to access your website?

If you want that your video wall solution provider may not be able to access your site. In that case, installation and maintenance may need to be performed by your own personnel or embedded contractors. Look for a solutions provider that offers in-depth, hands-on training and can prepare your personnel to support their system on the field.

What additional features will need to be integrated with your system?

Some video wall solutions can be integrated with external technology like speakers, conferencing systems, lighting and shades. Once integrated with the system, these devices can be controlled through video wall software.

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