How VizDisplay Video wall Controller Can Help Your Business To Grow

For most organisations, setting up a video wall system is considered a worthy investment. The VizDisplay Video wall Controller is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your business space or doing brand promotions and display market information, data to your visitors, clients, the public in general. The audio-video visual is an effective medium to create a positive impact and catch everyone’s attention to the information you want to convey them. The VizDisplay Video wall Controller is suitable to install for places like control rooms, conference room and can be a beneficial tool in keeping your team informed about current issues.

So, why burn extra money when you could just use a single large display, a front projector, or a set of individual monitors?

First of all, It’s important to know that a video wall system is an integrated solution: an array of high-resolution displays driven by a powerful computing and processing system called a video wall controller. So, however, a video wall behaves like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex. A complete video wall system can deliver performance, offers a great medium of interactivity, flexibility that simply isn’t possible with other mediums.

Today, where technology is growing swiftly in a bid to make our lives easier, audio-visual tech developments are not far behind. The evolution of video wall display has made interaction with real-time content possible. At first place, it’s necessary to understand how customizable are they and most importantly, what job will they do for your business?

Video wall systems are built from high-grade components, and some are specifically designed for 24/7 operations, mission-critical activities. Here are some of the many jobs that video wall will do for your business growth:-  

Promote Brand Awareness:

Video wall display is an effective way to convey messages, product promotions, data and other important information to your customers & clients. With this intuitive medium, an organisation can build and promote brand engagement but this isn’t just limited to retailers. Every type of business that has customers can benefit from increasing brand recognition and awareness – whether your company sells products, technology, outsource services, video walls can help you attract, engage and inform your audience in an efficient way.

Video wall controller

Track Organisational Insights:

The ability to inform real-time decisions to employees and staff is important for every business. Establishing a video wall enabled control room, meeting room, operations room seems like a thing that is out of reach for many organisations, but now it is affordable and easy to operate. With a successful track record for over 13 years in a row, VizExperts is a pioneer in delivering smart video wall solutions popularly known as “VizDisplay”. Investing in video wall offers benefits of being able to interact with real-time data, monitor important functions.

In the defense industry, from tracking real-time activity to plan strategic operations, video wall solution has proved to be the most reliable medium to the military personnel. In corporates, network operation center (NOC) offers continuous monitoring of critical business systems and functions. Whether you are a technology company that needs real-time operation tracking or travel agency that needs real-time dispatch info, video wall in control rooms provides all sorts of information & can keep everyone moving towards the same goal.


Improve Team Performance:

Video wall helps the team to remain engaged and work on a plan as per schedule. To achieve the target, team members should discuss the progress and co-ordinate among themselves properly and for that video wall provide the suitable platform with high-resolution display, clear and close-up view of images, documents and allows multiple users to interact through touch screens and tablets. With video wall, the team led to a brainstorming session, refining a product design, share insights to take meaningful decisions. The capability to display and share information and then use that piece of information to take critical decisions, video wall allows the team to be more creative, productive and encourage team members to achieve the goal.   

In the age of digital information transfer, video wall system provides the ideal platform which is able to collect data, process, analyse, simplify things and project on the large screen in a lucid way. VizExperts delivers customizable video wall solutions that are easy to deploy and operate whether it’s institutions, enterprise or for a small business. VizDisplay Video wall Controller is extremely versatile and proved to be beneficial for a wide range of applications and environment.   

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