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Directorate of Naval Design inaugurates new Virtual Prototyping Center to enable Collaborative Design Reviews

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VizExperts Is Proud To Be Associated With The Indian Navy

VizExperts helped Directorate of Naval Design (DND) setup, ‘state-of-the-art’ Virtual Reality Centre. This Centre would provide a major boost to the Indigenous warship design capabilities of Indian Navy, providing impetus to self-reliance and greater fillip to warship construction under “Make in India” initiative of the Indian government.

This project will facilitate collaborative design reviews for continuous interaction between the designers and the end users to improve the design and ergonomics onboard warships.

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5 Major challenges for Engineering Industries

Existing VR software

Existing VR software doesn't provide good User Experience

Time consuming data

Time-consuming data importation process

Problems in proper integration

Problems in proper integration of all the available hardware



  • Proprietary 3D CAD Software
  • No focus on human centric design
  • Physical prototyping for design validation causing huge delays


  • Long decision cycles and iteration
  • Preparing data for review is challenging due to data size
  • Additional tools are required
  • Natural interaction is missing
  • Ergonomics reviews are not done


  • No technology to showcase
  • Poor presentability of data
  • Less user involvement before purchase


  • No way to compare as built data with design data
  • Major cost escalations since design is not fully validated
  • Major delays in production Expensive redesign


  • Training is stand alone and non-interactive
  • Final design data is not used for training
  • Effectiveness of training is poor

Our Technology Addresses These Challenges

digital first approach statics


  • Perform human centric design With instant 1:1 scale
  • visualization And natural interaction


  • Connect directly to the design database with enterprise grade security and bring down review and design iteration time


  • Showcase the design to customers through immersive technology.
  • Increase user engagement and finalise the design


  • Collaborate with the production team with immersive technology and ensure as built data matches design data.


  • Increase effectiveness and training engagement with immersive tools and train directly on the final approved design

What If There Was A Way To Avoid These Problems Altogether?

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Find Out How TransViz Transformed The Complete Shipbuilding Design Validation Procedure At The Directorate Of Naval Design (DND)

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Older Process

After action

Standardized Process

vr time saving

Key Achievements of DND after using TransViz

  • From CAD to VR in 1-click, < 1-minute
  • 90% quicker design reviews
  • 70% reduction in related travel
  • 40% reduction in errors during production
  • Human factored engineering
  • Advanced ergonomics validation
  • Improved user engagement during design
  • All major naval programs are now reviewed on VizExperts’ technology
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