How Geospatial-Intelligence GeorbIS Is Reshaping The Future of Tourism

GeorbIS – 3D Geospatial Platform

  • GeorbIS®, is VizExperts’ flagship software product, which enables geospatial intelligence driven decision making for organizations working with large amounts of data.
  • OGC® (Open Geospatial Consortium) Certified product
  • Provides native support for 3D GIS data visualization, analysis and multi-data fusion.
  • Provides stand-alone desktop based systems as well as server based enterprise level systems
  • Offers modular extensions called CartridGIS that provide advanced application-specific functionality
  • In addition to the core GeorbIS product, VizExperts’ Systems Integration & IT Consulting division undertakes further customizations, application software development and turnkey project execution on top of the GeorbIS platform.
  • Customers include various DRDO labs, ISRO centers, BARC, Indian Army, Police, Paramilitary Forces, among others.
  • DGS&D Rate Contract: The GeorbIS® product line, including its supporting modules, are available on the DGS&D rate contract.

Benefits of a Geoportal in Tourism

  • Viewing places of interest before actually heading out to a location of interest for a tourist or a hobbyist.
  • Location of tourist hotspots and information to visit the location through rail, road or air.
  • Selection of location based on various factors such as budget, time to visit, total travel time from current location etc.
  • Information regarding current special events over a location such as Ganpati festival in Mumbai or Durga Puja in Kolkata.
  • Integration of analysis tools such as areal distance measurement for two location based on time and distance.
  • Current activities in area near a user based on mobile location.
  • Location of non-tourist attractions such as hobby clubs, specialty restaurant & hospitals etc.
  • Information regarding resources available over a selected route of travel.
  • Virtual tours to highlight special area of interest along a route.
  • 3D models of famous monuments and artifacts inside a museum for a virtual tour.
  • Faster reporting of expected footfall for particular event by use of analytics.
  • Planning for an event with all information regarding expected footfall, emergency services, routes capacity, etc. available to planners.
geomap platform

Features in Enterprise GIS

Interation of static databases in a single portal such as
  • Location of hospitals, utilities, infrastructure, etc.
  • Road network.
  • Tourism hotspots.
  • Bus stops, railway station and airports.
Integration of dynamic inputs in a single system such as
  • Weather information.
  • Traffic updates.
  • Tickets rates and availability.
Near real-time updates to user queries
  • Weather alerts.
  • Emergency response.
  • Itinerary creation.
  • Route selection and planning.
  • Travel advisory on SMS based on location.
  • Advanced analytics and report generation based on location information such as information regarding the expected footfall for Amarnath Yatra (just an example) based on previous year footfall.
  • 3D Modelling of famous monuments for virtual tours.
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