Geospatial Intelligence For Forestry


  • Desktop, web, mobile
  • Desk, Enterprise versions
  • Certified OGC® compliant
  • Windows, Linux support
  • Universal database compatibility
  • Native support for 3D
  • Highly customizable

GeorbIS Enterprise Solution

  • Distributed 3D GIS on SOA
  • Scalable 4 cores licenses
  • Organization wide usage
  • Centralized availability of Data
  • Accessible through Web Browser
  • Provide information to Citizens and other Stake-Holders
  • Information on fingertips for Decision Makers

Decision Support System

Monitoring of wildlife

  • Quantification of wildlife species
  • Minimal disturbance to wildlife
  • Cost effective monitoring
  • Wildlife conservation

Forest Security

  • Security from poachers
  • Wild land fire detection
  • Planning of patrols
  • Central Coordination
  • Analysis of poaching affected area
  • Forest Protection & Forest area management
  • Forest boundary management
  • Forest Infrastructure management
  • Monitoring of hotspots
  • Forest areas settled under FRA
  • Diverted areas/ Area proposed for diversion under Forest Conservation Act, 1980

3D Forest Model

3D Forest Model

Wildlife Protection

Crime Monitoring

  • Camera detection of poachers
  • Incident reporting
  • Border Fencing of sensitive area

Effective Patrolling

  • Planning of routes
  • Division of man-power

Report Generation

  • Activities reported in area
  • Analysis of trouble spots

Effect on villagers

Forest Crime Mapping

  • Forest Boundary
  • Mapping crime affected areas
  • Planning of surveillance
  • Near real time tracking through GPS
  • Historic data assessment
  • CCTV cameras with real time feed
  • Enables law enforcement administrators to device strategy

3D Visualisation And Analytics

Forest Fire

Planning and Prevention

  • Fire line planning
  • Land cover/ Land use planning
  • Prescribed fire planning
  • Effective strategy development


  • Landscape management
  • Inventory for fire suppression
  • New fire bases
  • Clearing of fuel loads

Pollution Monitoring

Forest Fire detection

  • Mapping affected area
  • Heat map generation

Air Pollution Monitoring

  • CO-CO2 Monitoring
  • Particulate matter monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Stream water quality


Afforestation planning

  • Area demarcation for afforestation
  • Progress monitoring

Commercial forestry

  • Area available for commercial activity
  • Analysis of NPV (Net Present Value)
  • Monitoring of activities

Forest Fire Mapping

Planning & Analysis

  • Locating proposed well locations
  • Identifying potential reservoir sources
  • Basin analysis
  • Play analysis
  • Acreage analysis
  • Prospect analysis

Data Management

  • Store & analyze seismic data
  • Lease land record management
  • Exploration and production database management
  • Surface data base management
  • As built data management

HSE Awareness

  • Assure health safety environment compliance
  • Safety First implement zero tolerance policy
  • Health & Safety Inspection Framework
  • Risk factor analysis
  • Environmental monitoring and protection

Field Operations

  • Helps answer
  • Where is the site located?
  • Type of the terrain ?
  • Where are the pipeline routes?
  • What are the future prospects of reservoirs ?
  • What are the values at risk?