VizExperts flagship product, GeorbIS, is a contraction of the words Geo, referring to the earth and orbis, meaning vision. Built from the ground up to support the third dimension, GeorbIS is an accurate platform for data gathering, collaboration and dissemination. It allows the accurate transformation of voluminous data into intelligent decision making.

Our platform has support for generating realistic visual terrain models of the designated Area of Interest using various forms of data like Remote Sensing data, user-created feature data, simulation data and topographic data. With highly sophisticated analysis tools, the whole data to decision transformation becomes that much more efficient.

Our platform is an OGC certified geospatial platform. It is also compatible with MIL symbology used by the Indian Military with the CAMS standard along with support for Indian Military Grid Reference System (IMGRS) in addition to global symbology standards like the MIL 2525D.

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The Georbis platform

GeorbIS Desktop

Customised for deployment at the individual level, GerorbIS Desk is our desktop based 3D GIS platform for the visulisation, analysis and development of data.
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GeorbIS Enterprise

Customised for deployment at an organisation level, GeorbIS Enterprise is our server based 3D GIS platform for the visualisation, analysis and development of data.
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For the purpose of easing customised deployments at multiple levels, various software functionality, named CartridGIS, have been created which fit in with our main 3D GIS platform.
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Solutions for Applications & Industries

Military Intelligence

Operations planning is the bridge that connects the command level strategic plans to the tactical planning done on ground. Apart from Battle and Mission based planning, Operations Planning also includes resource management, logistics, infrastructure management and the like. Our 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS, can help enhance the operations planning process of the Defence and Paramilitary forces in a variety of ways including AOI visualisation, terrain analysis, real-time sensor data integration and the like.

ForestryThe Substantial decrease in forest cover has been a huge factor in the reduction of flora and fauna. This loss is majorly attributed to land encroachments and unauthorised harvesting. Our 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS can help in the visualisation of data across all formats thereby allowing for accurate terrain analysis and real time data integration, enhancing the whole Forest Management process.

Disaster Management

Some of the prime objectives of Disaster Management are pre disaster planning and preparedness, prediction and early warning, damage assessment and relief management. To that end our 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS through its visualisation, analysis and development technology can help in transforming the voluminous data collected from various sources into intelligent decisions.

OceanographyGlobal Warming is resulting in the increase in oceanic temperature, rise in sea level, ocean acidification, marine resource depletion, fish migration, oil spills and the like. Our 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS can help in analysing and dissemination of oceanic forecast information, thereby allowing for the concerned agencies respond better to the crises created by Global Warming.


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