Geo Maps- A Location intelligence Tool

  • Geo-Map is a web and mobile interactive mapping platform that maps location based information.
  • Geo-Map allow you to create, optimize, visualize and analyze business data with simplicity.
  • A Geo-Map can include text, hyperlinks, images, and videos connected to locations on virtual maps.
  • A Geo map overlays your data on a geographic map. You can display your data either as bubbles or as colored regions on the geo map.
  • Geo-map can be referred as a map of an area of interest (AOI), with assigned colors and values. Values displayed as a color scale, and can be specified optional hover text.
geomap platform

Geo Map Platform

  • Online or cloud-based mapping solution
  • Geo-Map is easy-to-use
  • Geo-Map allows turns data into a real-tine interactive map
  • Geo-Map gives insights and enables decision-making
  • Geo-Map can be used by people with no mapping experience, whatsoever.
  • Platform can map data from spreadsheets, databases and CRM in seconds.

Geo-Map Types

  • Proportional symbol maps – For showing quantitative data for individual locations.
  • Choropleth maps (filled maps) – For showing ratio data.
  • Point distribution maps – For showing approximate locations and visual clusters of data.
  • Heatmaps (density maps)
  • Flow maps (path maps)
  • Spider maps (Origin-destination)
geomap platform
geomap platform

Decision-making with Geo-Maps

Decision-making capabilities

  • Provide insights for decision-making
  • Provide Map as visual analytics tool
  • Map any location in the world – Need at least 1 address/set of coordinates.
Spatial Question Solution
  • Answer Which or Where
  • Location of interaction devices
  • live map, Map Chart
geomap platform
geomap platform
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