BSF Control Room Infostructure meets Infrastructure


BSF OPS Control Room with 3D video wall, operator consoles

DSMS 3D GIS based

DSMS: 3D GIS based Centralized Decision Making Platform

Leveraging Geo-Intelligence

  • Integrated decision making system
  • 3D Geospatial framework
  • Data agglomeration framework
  • Report generation framework

Use Cases

  • Border asset mapping
  • Data mining for intelligence
  • 3D GIS based operation planning
  • Monitoring trans-border incidents

DSMS: An overview


DSMS: The Transformation

DSMSThe transformation

Data Agglomeration - From Silos to Single Database

Authenticated user

Authenticated user access to the system


OPS (FHQ level) and IPP (Battalion level) Data Merging portal

Merged data

Merged data result log with log IDs to let the user understand partial mergers

Web portal for editing and merging partial or failed mergers

Web portal
Online reports

Online reports generated for incidents using the BSFOIS Database

GIS Infostructure - Leveraging the third dimension
DSM: gIS data Migration


Mapped 3D Assets

  • International Boundary
  • Frontier, sector markings
  • Border Pillars (BP)
  • Border Outposts (BOP)
  • Border Fence
  • Border Fence Lighting (BFL)
  • Border Fence gates, gaps
  • HHTi
  • Major landmarks
  • Topographic peculiarities
Mapped 3D assets
BSF ORBAT mapped

The BSF ORBAT mapped onto the GeorbIS 3D GIS platform

The complete BSF infostructure imported onto the GeorbIS 3D GIS platform

BSF infostructure
chosen region

Analysis- 3D visual analytics tools
Measuring the area of a chosen region

Conducting a LOS analysis on DSMS

LOS analysis
BSF infostructure

Analyzing the area monitored by HHTi through a view shed analysis

Understanding terrain contours by conducting a color profile analysis

terrain contours
crest clearance analysis

Analyzing firing coverage of deployed weapons using crest clearance analysis

Analyzing the contour of a terrain with an elevation graph

elevation graph
Scenario generation framework

Scenario generation framework for Operation Planning on 3D GIS

Geospatial Analysis - Geotagged data analysis
Query builder for viewing geotagged incidents

viewing geotagged
eastern border at a BOP level

Macro level view of incidents along the eastern border

Micro level view of incidents along the eastern border at a BOP level

eastern border at a BOP level
Computing architecture

Infrastructure- ergonomic layout
Display and computing architecture

Top view of OPS Room with dimensions

OPS Room
3D video wall

View of the 15 panel 3D video wall

Ergonomic control room layout

control room layout
Operator Consoles

Operator Consoles

3D Video Wall

  • Semi immersive environment
  • 5 x 3, 47” LCD panels
  • Passive flicker free stereo technology
  • Brightness of 450 nits
  • Thin bezel of 7.1 mm
  • Unit resolution of 1366 x 768
  • Total resolution of 11 Megapixels
3D Video Walls

VizExperts VizDisplay

  • Single unit to drive all displays
  • 16 composite video inputs
  • 14 HDMI inputs including VC system
  • Support for passive stereo 3D
  • Mini-vu previewer
  • Easy trouble shooting
  • System properties monitoring
  • 24/ 7 operation capable
  • Redundant power supply
  • Superior cooling vent design