VizExperts’ Terrain Mapping with Digital Sand Model

GeorbIS Desk

Terrain Mapping is widely used to create sand models. The sand models are highly effective training and tactical planning tools. An actual replica of the area of interest is made using sand and 3D models. A stationary model of the terrain which can be used for military, research and educational purposes. Now, replace the stationary model with a digitally created 3D model of the terrain. Using digital maps, feature data and more to create a clinically accurate version of the terrain. This is the advanced terrain mapping that we at VizExperts offer, the Digital Sand Model.

Basically, there are two distinct elements to the data agglomeration process. Firstly, is the collection of raw data through data mining followed by front end visualization. 3D Geographic Information System allows the collection, processing, analysis and distribution of all the information with almost negligible inconsistencies. Cutting edge AV products are used simultaneously to augment these technologies allowing for better and accurate decision making.

The Digital Sand Model, our first patent product, is the integration of 3D GIS, simulation and AV technologies. Our integrated solution is built upon the OGC certified GeorbIS 3D GIS platform. This includes the DSM software, the best AV and IT hardware, interaction devices and also a backend GIS database and terrain data. Our Digital Sand Model Technology is widely used by the country’s inland security as well as law enforcement agencies. Its uses include operation planning, mission briefing and training.

The Digital Sand Model has its application in area mapping, armed forces, paramilitary, law enforcement agencies, security, training academies and the like. The Digital Sand Model Technology is not limited to only military and training purposes for armed forces. There can be many civilian applications like security planning for townships, societies and the like. Crowd management, traffic control and the like like are further applications.
The original release was authored by Nitish Puri and Prakhar Jain, Lead for the development of Digital Sand Model Solution.
Find the original release featured on Systems Integration Asia on pages 54-56 on this link.