VizExperts' take on the Applications of Virtual Reality

At VizExperts, we offer Virtual Reality solutions to improve the situational awareness for security forces using 3D Graphics. Also, we have collaborated with INCOIS to develop a system that forewarn the necessary authorities about the possibility of Tsunamis.
 Our client base includes the likes of Border Security Force (BSF), Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO) and Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). We also serve international conglomerates such as Halliburton, AMD and SGI.

“We create a 3D model of terrain and fields using the maps and data obtained from satellites. Currently used by Indian army and BSF, it helps our forces to know about the area before venturing into it. We also created a virtual training exercise for soldiers of paramilitary forces which can be used with our GeorbIS 3D GIS platform.Using data provided by sensors fit in the sea, we can predict the height and speed of the waves.”

Of the varied projects undertaken by our company, one such is the building of a 24/7 operations capable control room for the Border Security Force (BSF). A decision support system was developed with the help of Virtual Reality Technology. The complete 3D geospacial database of all the BSF border assests along the eastern and western regions is available in this.

When speaking about the concept of Augmented Reality Technology and its applications Mr. Bhaniramka expects it to be a field full of unlimited potential. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are basically inverse reflections of one another.  Virtual Reality is an artificial, computer generated recreation of a real life environment. This allows the user to experience the simulated reality firsthand. Augmented Reality helps to layer an already existing surrounding with computer generated enhancement. Consequently allowing the user to directly interact with these changes.
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