VizExperts' Flagship Geospatial Product, GeorbIS

Since our Company’s inception, we have made many inroads in the field of leveraging massively complex data for decision making. This is done by using Geospatial technologies and visual analytics. Growing from strength to strength we have built a comprehensive 3D GIS solution converting voluminous data into informative decision making through visual computing techniques. Titled GeorbIS, this is the flagship product of VizExperts. The GeorbIS Software has been named with the contraction of 2 words, Geo meaning the earth and Orbis meaning vision. It is certified compliant on several OGC protocols and is available as a standalone desktop version and server based enterprise version, fulfilling the requirements for both Individual based usage as well as Organisational purposes.

GeorbIS Geospatial Intelligence GeorbIS has a native support for 3D and offers a much more accurate and robust platform for geospatial intelligence data gathering, collaboration and dissemination. It is built on a highly modular architecture which ensures universal database compatibility allowing, Adoption as a scalable cross platform and Integration with existing GIS infrastructures. GeorbIS has a host of tools for GIS Data Display, GIS Data Operations, GIS Analysis and Live Data Handling and comes with a modern and easy to adopt UI. The product comes with six key functionality extensions known as CartridGIS. It is due to these extensions that the product has the capacity to be customised as per the requirement. The six CartridGIS are,
  • • Analyst
  • • Intel
  • • G-Shift
  • • PollStar
  • • Stratagem
  • • Footprint

Using GeorbIS we can analyse and improve decision making in many key areas like Creating Dashboards for resource management across organisations, UAV live feed integration, Advanced Geotagged Incidence Analysis, Sensor Data Visualisation, Elevation Graphs and much more. VizExperts has been a key player in the realm of Geospatial Analytics when it comes to India. We have been providing turnkey solutions in the defence sector for many years now and have successfully evolved the product beyond its original boundaries, creating a truly scalable product in the field of Geospatial Analytics.