VizExperts’ Digital Sand Model For Defense Forces

Gurugram-based startup VizExperts launched its revolutionary product Digital Sand Model, an integrated comprehensive 3D GIS solution deployed successfully in the Border Security Force Headquarter, New Delhi, 2011. The company works in the realm of 3D graphics and geospatial intelligence by providing integrated products with combining technologies such as 3D GIS, 3D Graphics, simulation and gaming.

The problem it solves? When armed forces are flown from different regions to handle security operations in unknown terrains such as the recent Pathankot operation, it is extremely crucial for them to have accurate information of their own assets as well as that of your enemy— where their weapons are stationed, their movements etc. This is only possible through advanced technology solutions, however Bhaniramka found that although the army buys a lot of such technologies, but adoption is a huge challenge. “First, the armed forces are not IT savvy and often these products are so complex that they need to spend a month-long training to get started with the product,” he says.

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The bootstrapped startup which took off with the initial investment of $100,000 find scaling up its biggest challenge ahead. Since it deals majorly with the government and various governmental organizations, problems ring in when decision making at the top slows down. So, it is attracting talent with expertise in different technologies and aligning them to achieve a common goal.

What keeps VizExperts busy right now is finding some more use-cases of the Digital Sand Model across other industries. Like-Civil aviation for air traffic control, disaster management, transportation and logistics.

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