VizExperts’ Digital Panorama on the Evolution of Life


Where do we come from?

One of the two fundamental questions that Humans have obsessed over since the beginning of time. Over the ages, various inroads in the realm of science led to the now universally accepted Theory of Evolution, proposed by the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. The theory describes how life has evolved on earth owing to various situational changes. Changes in climate, habitat, resources and the like, forced the life forms on earth to adapt in order to survive. Going from unicellular organisms to our current multicellular state, the theory of evolution describes the various stages of the history of humankind.

Growing up we all learnt the history of human evolution in School. We read books that described this theory and the different stages of evolution in detail. In addition, came across crude pictorial depictions of the same, but that was the limit of our practical exposure to the whole concept. We read page after page of theory that clouded our minds to the beauty of one of nature’s finest creations. This ability of all life forms to adapt to their surroundings, to change as per the situation dictates, to evolve! If only we had access to a Digital Panorama of the concept.

Science City-Kolkata is renowned for its presentation of Science and Technology in a truly simulating and engaging manner. In keeping with that spirit, they wanted to create a truly visual and artistic re-enactment of the evolution of life. Their aim was to achieve this by leveraging the latest digital technology.

We at VizExperts, have created just that at Science City-Kolkata. One of its most immersive and popular exhibits, a record-breaking 360-degree Panoramic Projection depicting the Evolution of Life. The exhibit features the world’s largest Panoramic Display, with the overall display area spanning over 1000 square metres. It is also capable of running for 365 days a year with zero downtime, achieving a highest possible resolution of more than 16K.  The whole experience is possible due to VizExperts state of the art video wall controller, VizDisplay.

For the video depicting the creation of the digital panorama click here.

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