Virtual Prototyping Accelerates Product Development

Virtual prototyping is a digital form of physical prototype. It is an advanced step to the physical prototyping process of product development. With the onset of technological advancement, the first form of prototyping also experienced some changes. Virtual prototyping is one of the many outcomes of digitization in the fourth industrial revolution Initially physical prototypes were made of the designs made on 3D CAD software for testing purposes. With the automation drive of Industry 4.0, the need for physical prototyping, which a process that was both time consuming and expensive, was eliminated with the introduction of Virtual Prototyping.

With Virtual Reality, there came a noteworthy change in manufacturing as well as in different business processes like training, production, logistics & marketing. Virtual Reality gave another boost to every one of these procedures by replicating all the physical procedures onto a virtual world, thereby enhancing the overall process. Likewise, it also added a new component to physical prototyping and design with its proficiency to give a real like experience of the model, with its immersive innovation.

But how exactly does Virtual prototyping enhance the existing product design process? Virtual Reality addressed three main loopholes of 3D CAD software in Virtual Prototyping– man-in-the-loop, difficult user interface, and no immersion. But how is this achieved? With VR, one can get a walk-through experience of the virtual prototype with more precise and domain-specific testing and annotation. The process starts with the basic design, which is created in the 3D CAD software. The design is then exported to a platform which supports this transformation of CAD design to a virtual immersion – in a 360-degree view. Then there are features for design review and analysis in the design phase only, which supports real-time analysis and editing in the virtual world.

How does Virtual prototyping work?

The image below depicts the complete process of virtual prototyping:

Virtual Prototyping infographics

All the features stated help industries to gain an advantage of the technology, reduce the time and cost of the whole procedure of design and testing. VizExperts, with its expertise in virtual reality, provides Virtual Prototyping solutions to enhance the whole manufacturing process in industries.

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