3 Types of Video Wall Controllers Available in the Market

Many organizations looking for high performance video walls turn to proprietary video wall controllers. In most cases, the results are unsatisfactory. What is expected is a solution, which is both easy to use and configure. What one receives is a complicated solution with a hefty price tag for a complicated solution that is   difficult to manage and does not grow with the customer’s requirements. A true and complete video wall solution can only be experienced by employing a smooth and streamlined video wall controller. A video wall controller should facilitate the collaboration of hardware and software, enabling both superior visual computing and a truly immersive experience.

Currently there are three different types of video wall controllers available in the market

Video Wall Controllers from display OEMs

These are the most popular and expensive type of controllers, from display OEMs like Barco, Mitsubishi etc. There are two major problems with these, they are very expensive for the kind of features they provide and are not flexible when it comes to integrating display components different OEMs. In this regard, it is not advisable to buy just the video wall controller from such OEMs. Another limitation is that, these controllers cannot be used in Samsung or LG panel based video walls (neither LG nor Samsung have their own Video Wall Controller). That is why OEM based video solutions are not the right choice in terms of flexibility and limited budget.

PC based Video Wall Controllers

Second is the cheapest and quite popular type, a home-grown video wall controller. A PC based solution, in which a software is installed along with some input-output cards. The problem being that such solutions have stability issues. No one wants the video wall to go blank (because of power supply issues, heating issues, some software stability bugs, etc.) in the middle of an important conference or meeting. This surely saves some bucks but the cost is compensated in an intangible manner (which is very humiliating too). Another limitation is that they do not come with a user interactive control software; the software provided is not robust. This prevents the complete video wall experience from being interactive.

Neutral Professional Grade Video Wall Controllers 

Third are the neutral professional grade based video wall solutions coming from various manufacturers, one of them being VizExperts. When it comes to the pricing, they lie somewhat in between the above-mentioned two categories but provide the features and stability of high-end video wall solutions along with redundant power supply, storage, etc. They also come with a very smooth touch based controller, making the experience much more interactive and user friendly.

video wall controller

A video wall controller offered by VizExperts is VizDisplay, comes with an iPad-based controller, offered free of cost. The interface offered is very smooth and interactive. It is so easy to use that even a kid can use it without any difficulty. VizDisplay offers the freedom of flexibility in terms of using different components from various OEMs while getting all the high-end features. VizExperts has years of experience in designing customised project based video wall solutions and has worked for various defence organizations of the nation (like BSF, DGMO,NCSM, DRDO, various ministries, etc.). Also, VizExperts provides consultation to help design the right kind of video wall solution for customised applications too.