The 3 Types of Video Wall Technologies Explained

Vizexperts video wall

Nowadays, video walls are seen at various locations in metro cities like airports, conference rooms, cinema halls, shopping malls, etc. They are becoming a very important part of the way we do things. However, people lack knowledge regarding the basic types of video walls available in the market. Eventually, they end up wasting their money, as desired results are not achieved only because they haven’t designed their video wall solution correctly. Broadly, there are three types of video walls available, namely – panel based video walls, cube based video walls and projection based video walls.

Panel based video walls

Companies like Samsung, LG and Panasonic are the leaders in providing panel based video walls. They provide flat screen panels with slightly thinner boundaries (known as bezels) than TVs. Panel based video walls are very cost effective, however, problem is that they do not provide the desired support for 24*7 operations in certain cases and there are issues in terms of colour calibration. This means that the panels do not look the same in terms of the displayed output. This limits the desired output effect that one requires.

Cube based video walls

Companies like Barco are the market leaders in providing cube based video walls. Such video walls have a small projector mounted behind a display panel. The projector and panel are integrated together to give excellent output quality. In addition, the boundaries between different panels is very small (< 1mm). Recently, Barco has introduced a zero bezel video wall in which the bezel thickness is just 0.1mm with many additional features that make the whole experience smooth and exciting. The only drawback with these is that they come at a very hefty price.

Projection based seamless displays

These are comparatively lesser known video walls, which provide all the benefits offered by cube based video walls but at a lower price. Multiple projectors are installed to project output onto a bigger screen. The output is 100% seamless because of a technology called edge blending and geometric correction. Using a projector can increase the area of projection. A display screen, which is even 50 feet wide, can be illuminated by using just a few projectors. There are a number of advantages associated with them like possible use of curved screens, proper colour calibration, and behaviour like a single screen.

Vizexperts videowall

VizExperts, a Delhi based company are the market leaders in providing projection based seamless video walls. They have served various defence organizations like BSF, DGMO, NCSM, etc. in designing and building video wall solutions customised to their requirements. In addition to this, VizExperts provides their turnkey video wall controller called VizDisplay. A video wall controller is a computing platform that takes different input feeds and processes them onto the wall so that the wall acts as a single unit. A complete video wall system (video wall and video wall controller) can deliver performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply isn’t possible with other basic solutions.

VizExperts helps its customers to minimise their confusion by offering them consultation for their requirement and making the process streamlined causing minimal headache to the buyer.