SASE embraces Virtual Reality for their training applications

Virtual Reality is a technology that has evolved to great heights over the past few years. However, it is still in its initial development stage with limitless potential, as it has use cases in almost every field. From vast barren deserts to freezing snow-clad mountains, one can re-create a near real scenario of any environment or situation with the help of Virtual Reality.

SASE Virtual Training

VizExperts, a Delhi based software startup has been using their expertise and experience in the field of VR in order to serve the nation. They have worked with various defense organizations across the nation and provided VR based solutions to enhance training methods.

Defense personnel of our country navigate through various high-risk environments on a day-to-day basis in order to protect the country. Consider the various situations and dangers that they face. From the avalanche prone Himalayan Mountains to the unstable and often times ambush hit national borders, they risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Now imagine how Virtual Reality can prepare our protectors for any environment or situation, no matter how adverse. With the help of Virtual Reality, our defense personnel can experience a near real scenario of any situation and train themselves accordingly. This will ensure that, not only will they gain prior experience of the various scenarios that they might face, but will also be better prepared for any situation.

VizExperts has successfully deployed a VR based training solution at the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE), Chandigarh. The solution simulates the actual mountainous terrain in a virtual environment, for the benefit of enhancing the training methods of the personnel. The terrain in question is deadly, with risks of snow related accidents and potential avalanches that can trigger without warning. The solution is designed in such a way that a person gradually learns to deal with these situations in a risk free setting. The best part is that the trainer can see and monitor the performance of the trainee. Based on the actions taken by the trainee in the virtual environment, their skill level can be mapped.

According to Mr. Praveen Bhaniramka, co-founder and CEO of VizExperts, “Such problems are clearly visible in defense sector. VizExperts has worked for organizations like the Border Security Force, Indian Armed Forces, Snow and Avalanche Study Estt. , and other defense and paramilitary organizations over the past few years. We are now expanding into the corporate sector, especially with VR which has limitless scope when it comes to corporate training and learning modules.”

VR based training solutions can enhance training capabilities across industries. It will not only reduce the overall training time, but also make the process risk free. This will ensure a significant decrease in accidents and delays that can occur in a work cycle, thereby maximizing productivity. Moreover, VR can be used for various other training purposes like architectural designs, medical surgery and mechanical designs.