HTC Vive, the next big player in Virtual Reality

VizExperts has been in the Virtual Reality Industry for over 10 years. We have been providing training and serious gaming solutions across the armed forces and governmental organisations with Virtual Reality being a key component in the varied services we have provided. Of the various Virtual Reality gadgetry we’ve used as a Head Mounted Display, the HTC Vive is by far the most ergonomic, user friendly and advanced VR headset in the market.

The Human mind relies on its various senses to communicate with the surrounding environment. Apart from the major senses we learnt about in school, we have many more senses that allows our mind to stay connected with environment. Virtual Reality is basically defined as a near reality experience one can feel with the help of certain computer generated mediums.

The HTC Vive developed in collaboration with the gaming company Valve, uses a unique room scale tracking technology. This technology allows you to move about a 3D space and interact with the surrounding environment with hand held motion tracking controllers.

From a consumer angle, think about the childhood dreams of going to space. The mountaineering trips to the Himalayas or the Alps which never came to be. Deep sea diving and the like that were always postponed to a later date in lieu of a more practical vacation. You can experience all this and more from the confines of your home. From an enterprise and marketing angle, Virtual Reality has huge scope when it comes to Productivity and Training, Academics and Research, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Design, Medicine and Visualization. Just imagine how much simpler and safer on site job training will become if Virtual Reality is used. This is especially true for Blue Collared Jobs.

Very powerful Graphic Processors are required to run Virtual Reality successfully. As of right now in a commercial point of view only gamers possess the required specifications to use Virtual Reality. It is for this reason Virtual Reality has been introduced as a technology generally suited for the Gaming Industry. However there are no actual limitations as to what one can achieve with this technology as of now. Especially when it comes to the training and planning sectors. Serious gaming and training scenarios can be easily created with help of Virtual Reality to promote game based learning. This will allow our defence and security personnel to undergo realistic virtually enhanced training to improve mission response times and success rates.

Although HTC Vive is not the first VR headset to be introduced to the world, it is one that has refined most if not all the kinks that came with its various predecessors. Using 2 screens, one for each eye, and 70 sensors divided between the headset and the hand held controller, the headset provides you with a 110 degree field of vision. Apart from all this it also comes with a chaperone safety system that ensures that you will not breach the boundaries of the range.

VizExperts is a  proud enterprise partner of HTC Corporation. Having worked with VR from its nascent stages where a standard headset costed around $100,000 to the very latest model priced at only $800, there is little doubt HTC Vive is currently the most advanced and economical prospect when it comes to VR headsets.