How GeorbIS Platform can help in Forest Management

In today’s world, the most pressing concern when it comes to forestry is the substantial decrease in forest area. This loss of forest cover has been a huge factor in the reduction of the flora and fauna that is native to any particular forest. This loss is caused mainly due to land encroachment and harvesting. To this end the GeorbIS Platform, a 3D GIS technology from VizExperts can help in Integrated Forest Management. The platform helps in the transformation of voluminous raw data into informative decision making.

Using technologies like mapping, 3D visualization and image interpretation to name a few, the technology can help the forest department in the following ways:

Creation and updation of forest maps

It allows the mapping of all the forestry inventory including digital terrain data, vegetation details, timber data, land-use details, administrative districts and the like and visualise them in immersive 3D. The platform also supports integrating data from UAV surveys and processing a 3D database out of it. This forestry geodatabase can be updated regularly as well by use of fresh imagery and newly captured data.

Forest fire analysis and management

It supports the integration of fire simulation models by use of inputs like topography data, weather data and historical fire records and visualising them in context with the terrain in 3D. This allows conducting damage assessment studies by considering aspects like the point of origin and location of critical infrastructure.

Forest Resource Management and Monitoring

With the platform’s support for real time sensor data integration, it is possible to bring in all monitoring systems directly onto the platform. This includes sensors of various weather parameters, camera systems, RF systems and so on. Fusing data from various sensors, and visualizing them in the form of interactive graphs will assist in informed decision making.

Forest inventory creation and management

Using all the existing MIS data and bringing them onto the forestry GIS database, we can help create a regularly updated inventory database depicting all useful information required for the officials to manage. This will allow for the analysis and estimation of forest growth, deforestation rates, encroachment rates, species tracking and the like.

In Short our GeorbIS Platform can help in sustainable Forest Management.

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