Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) embarks onto a new age of Shipbuilding with Virtual Prototyping

Since the mid-1900s, machine based learning has been on the rise. Automation in its many forms has been the goal in this new age of industrialization. One such technology that has evolved over time is Virtual Reality. It has the potential to introduce a new dimension in regards to industrial growth. In recent times, industries have seen that VR is highly effective when it comes to reducing the overall cost and time spent in the manufacturing process.

GRSE Virtual Protoyping

The Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE), India’s premier shipbuilding company which indigenously designs and constructs naval vessels like warships, patrol vessels, survey vessels, landing vessels, fleet tankers and the like, for the Indian Navy. One of the major issues that GRSE faces during any large-scale mechanical construction operations is the vast amounts of time and money spent on perfecting an end model for manufacturing.

While the whole design to manufacturing process has become more and more fluid overtime, there are still many setbacks in the existing process which hinder the productivity. The existing process involves the creation of a suitable 3D design, followed by the creation of a prototype on which all relevant testing is performed. Repeated prototyping is required in order to perfect a model before approval can be sought for manufacturing, due to which there is a large amount of cost incurred and time lost.  With the introduction of Virtual Prototyping in the manufacturing, the creation of multiple physical prototypes has vanished. This highlights and sloves various major and minor issues during the design procedure only. Virtual Prototyping saves a huge amount of money that is spent in making the prototypes and decreases the lead-time of manufacturing the product.

A technology pioneer, VizExperts India solved this very problem for GRSE. Having known for its visual computing and solutions, VizExperts India came up with a cogent revolutionary solution. They designed a CAD to VR module for GRSE. This CAD to Virtual Reality solution was deployed to enhance the design and production cycle at GRSE. With 1:1 scale natural interaction, a physical – digital connection with a physical prototype of CAD models is made possible with the help of virtual prototyping. Various changes in the design got identified during the testing phase, such as the highlighting of inaccessible areas, the relocation of sub-components in the overall design and the like can be made with annotations by the testers. The software then automatically processes and generates the feedback for the CAD designer to make the required changes. The VR software module provided by VizExperts India allows for improved design efficiency, planning, and project efficiency. It also helps reduce the risks that come with production, and even the overall time and cost of the manufacturing cycle.

Employing its advanced VR software module, which seamlessly integrates multiple other VR support applications for enhanced immersion, VizExperts India has successfully deployed its indigenously developed CAD to VR solution at GRSE. Understanding the way design reviews are done and working closely with the CAD design team, which uses software like Aveva Marine, Tribon, and NAPA, VizExperts’ team has deployed various modules, which address multiple types of virtual prototyping.

This visual solution has the potential to revolutionize the naval engineering industry. It not only reduces the time invested to create the model for a ship, but also supports troubleshooting of every technical aspect in the virtual prototype only. This very solution has helped GRSE to save their time and amount spent.