GeorbIS, 3D GIS Platform Helps Prepare for Natural Disasters

3D GIS in Natural Disasters

At VizExperts, we have been in collaboration with various state governments to help their civic bodies prepare for natural disasters. While speaking about Bangalore, Praveen Bhaniramka, co-founder of VizExperts says that Bangalore and Karnataka are mapped thoroughly. To that extent, there is no way to allow for the visualization of these maps, thereby helping the civic agencies prepare for natural disasters. Through our 3D GIS Platform GeorbIS, we can extract GIS based data and convert it into pictures improving the decision making capabilities of government agencies.

What is GeorbIS?

GeorbIS, the flagship product of VizExperts, is a 3D GIS solution which helps in the conversion of voluminous raw data into informative decision making through visual computing.

Currently we are working on a national level project in collaboration with Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). Basically we are creating visualization maps with data on the Indian Coastline. We are also in the process of setting up an emergency operation centre for KSNDMC in Bengaluru.

Check out the original release featured on Times of India here.