CatridGIS, Functionality Extensions of GeorbIS

VizExperts flagship product, GeorbIS is built on a highly modular architecture which ensures universal database compatibility allowing but not limited to, Adoption as a scalable cross platform and Integration with existing GIS infrastructures. This basically means that our product can be customized based on the requirement of the user. This customization is possible due to the functionality extensions that come with the product called CartridGIS. There are 6 CartridGIS available in our product and are described as follows.


The CartridGIS Analyst is useful for making standard as well as advanced Geospatial Analysis. Capable of building advanced models with the data collected from the Analyses.


The CartridGIS Processor is used for the rapid pre-processing of data and also Optimization of Data. It uses certain third party tools to recreate the 3D terrain using images captured by any consumer imaging device.


The CartridGIS Intel acts as a gateway for Business Intelligence and report generation on GIS. Capable of generating advanced reports in both 2D and 3D formats in run time. It can also create a graphic visualisation of the collected data for better analysis and decision making. The Intel Functionality analyses the trends that occur in the standard voluminous data collected and also acts as a Query Builder for better analysis and visualisation of the overall data collected.


The CartridGIS Footprint is used for the integration of real time sensor data. This functionality basically allows you to Stream, Visualize and Analyse real time data in context with terrain. The Footprint has support for various GPS devices, UAV’s, Live Feed Videos, Geo-Fencing and the like.


The CartridGIS Stratagem comes with various support features like Operations Planning, analysis, Training and Mission Briefing. It allows visualising the movement of dynamic entities on different terrains which can basically be called as Mission Animations.

GeorbIS is a 3D GIS solution which helps in the transforming of voluminous data, making decision making much more intelligent. Different organisations have different needs when it comes to the utilisation of their raw data. The basic reason for introducing these function specific CartridGIS is to help organisations identify their exact need and to make the customization of their required specifications more readily developed.