Operations Planning – 3D GIS based Terrain Analysis

Operations planning is the bridge that connects the command level strategic plans to the tactical planning done on ground. Operations planning is more extensive than only battle or mission based operations. It also includes resource management, logistics, infrastructure management and the like. Defence and Paramilitary operations of all kinds depend on a sound understanding of the terrain. With the kind of advancement we have made in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) technology, one can greatly improve the efficiency and ease with which these operations are executed. Using accurate terrain analysis one can easily map the relationship between all topographic entities within an Area of Interest (AOI). Just imagine, the kind of vantage the command can have access to, with not only accurate terrain imagery but the ability to visualize the same terrain in its most natural way of representation, in stereoscopic 3D.

To this end VizExpert‘s 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS, can help the Defence and Paramilitary forces in a variety of ways including AOI visualisation, terrain analysis, real-time sensor data integration and the like. This is done by enabling intelligence like Remote Sensing data, user created feature data, simulation data along with topographic data to create a more realistic visual representation of the Area of Interest. Merging this visual representation with real-time sensor data, MIS data in the form of sitrep (Situation report) and all other digital data, will enable smart decision making.

GeorbIS makes terrain analysis very accurate with its support for a host of built in algorithms for analysing any Vector, Raster or 3D source data. This enables various terrain related analyses like view shed analysis, Line of Sight (LoS) assessment, terrain profile and the like.

Our Platform also makes Real time sensor data integration possible and can be used to calculate the most optimal location for sensor placement. This can be done by using GPS data over radar and optical based data feeds, in synchronisation with geospatial analytical tools.

The platform has support for interoperability and is compatible with MIL symbology used by the Indian Military with the CAMS standard, along with support for Indian Military Grid Reference System (IMGRS) in addition to global symbology standards like the MIL 2525D. With support for various OGC protocols for serving map data. Our platform only allows login based access, with highly sophisticated security encryption.

For the purpose of easing customised deployments at multiple levels, various software functionality have been created and can be clubbed into modules, which fit in seamlessly with the main platform. These requirement based functionalities, called extensions, have been termed as CatridGIS,