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VizExperts’ Contribution to Make in India

Geospatial intelligence
Make in India for Defence
Having cleared a year long logjam concerning Make in India for Defence manufacturing, the Government of India has welcomed private firms into the sector. Our company VizExperts is an Indian based defense start up, which has been contributing to the advancement in technology in the defence sector for over six years now. Our company has been simplifying complex operations for the Indian Armed Forces and replacing ageing war tactics with technical solutions.
We started out as a technology company, providing integrated solutions and services in the visual computing field. After our initial success in this regard we shifted to product development. Our current client base includes the likes of   Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), police and paramilitary organisations, law enforcement institutions, museums and educational institutes in India and also International conglomerates like Halliburton, SGI and AMD.
In 2011, we launched our first patent product Digital Sand Model (DSM). The Digital Sand Model Technology is the integration of 4 different technologies – 3D Graphics, high resolution satellite data, Simulation and Geographic Information System (GIS). Using this we provide an improved situational awareness in a 3D format to the defence forces.
  •   “Colonel Sunil Damle (Amitabh Bachchan) briefs his army about Tiger Hill while planning the Kargil operation. He uses a sand model. The concept of DSM is the same. Instead of making a physical hill, you use satellite data and because the software is 3D, it reconstructs the terrain. The model, equipped with an analysis tool and other software, helps plan the operation on a real-time basis,” says Mr. Praveen Bhaniramka, Co-founder & CEO, VizExperts referring to the 2004 War drama Lakshya, when asked to simplify the Digital Sand Model Technology. 

Now that we have successfully served in the Public Sector we aim to to make an impact on the corporate sector as well thus continuing our commitment to the Make in India concept. In this our CEO is confident since our products are easy to use and cost effective as well.
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