April 13, 2017 Aditya MV

VizExperts’ 3D terrain model secures our borders

Traditionally, our armed forces have used Military Terrain Models for the purpose of operation planning and tactics. If you are not familiar with the concept then you can remember the scene from the 2004 war film Lakshya. Here Amitabh Bachchan plans the military tactics on such a model, to deploy and employ forces to fight and win the territory from the enemy. The model we saw in the movie was a very basic model used by the army until recently. Now replace that image in your mind with a 3D terrain model. This model is equipped with various interaction devices, software and terrain data gathered from high resolution satellites. As a result of this model, operations can be planned on a real time basis.
Yes, it is on this concept that our company, VizExperts has built its first patent product, a 3D terrain model called the Digital Sand Model Technology (DSM). The Border Security Force (BSF) has employed our product to assist them in securing our borders.
The Digital Sand Model Technology, is an integration of four different types of software technologies. Namely, 3D Graphics, high resolution satellite data, simulation and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  •  “Digital Sand Model is a revolutionary solution for operation planning, mission briefing and training, for the Indian paramilitary, police, and the armed forces,” says Praveen Bhaniramka, Founder and CEO, VizExperts. 

Talking about the product he further explains that this model involves the integration of online data from field formations. This integrated data can be directly visualized in the 24/7 operations capable control room. As a result, improved incident mapping and decision making is achieved. This integrated solution is built on a 3D GIS platform. The platform includes audio visual hardware as well as terrain data and the backend GIS database of the entire country.
Now that we have successfully served in the Public Sector we aim to to make an impact on the corporate sector as well.
Check out the original release featured on YourStory here.
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