August 2, 2016 Aditya MV

VizExperts’ Digital Panorama on the Evolution of Life

Where do we come from? What is our origin? By ‘we’ and ‘our’ I don’t mean us individually but Humans as a whole. The Theory of Evolution is the answer. It is basically, how organisms change over time to adapt to various situational changes like climate, habitat, resources and the like. Growing up we all learnt the history of this origin and evolution in School. We read books that described this theory and the different stages of evolution in great detail. In addition, came across crude pictorial depictions of the same, but that was the limit of our practical exposure to the whole concept. We read page after page of theory that clouded our minds to the beauty of one of nature’s finest creations. This ability of all life forms to adapt to their surroundings, to change as per the situation dictates, to evolve! If only we had access to a Digital Panorama of the concept.

Evolution of Life

Furthermore, one can always learn about the concept by way of books, but to really appreciate the beauty of all this I am sure most of you would agree that a practical demonstration of the whole Story of our Evolution will be more well received. So imagine this. What if you can watch the entire story come to life all around you? Sounds interesting right.
We at VizExperts have created just that at Kolkata Science City. A 360 degree Digital Panorama depicting the entire story as it happened. With the help of experts from three continents we created a seamless display of images featuring six human species, ordered from the most ancient to most modern. Due to the huge size of the display the image could not be projected as a whole, so the canvas was stretched in 100 rows and 10 columns, creating 1000 image areas on which the projection is done.
For the video depicting the creation of the digital panorama click here.
Find Part 1 original release featured on Systems Integration Asia on pages 72-73 on this link.
-Find Part 2 original release featured on Systems Integration Asia on pages 80-84 on this link.
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