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GeorbIS 3D GIS DGS&D Rate Contract

DGS&D performs the role of concluding rate contracts to be operated by the consuming departments of the Government for items of common use. DGS&D has been identifying such items, whose anticipated annual purchase by Government Organisations is normally more than Rs. 25 lakhs a year, and bringing such items on DGS&D Rate Contract.

The Buyers gain certain advantages while purchasing goods through the DGS&D Rate Contract scheme such as purchasing goods in bulk at lowest competitive price, saves time and effort in frequent tendering, allows the buyers to purchase goods as and when required, reduces inventory carrying cost by improving availability of goods and gives assurance as to the quality of the goods available.

The Suppliers also gain certain advantages by using a DGS&D Rate Contract such as, increasing the purchase quantity of their product without going through the tendering process helping them to save on administrative and marketing efforts and the use of DGS&D Rate Contract helps in enhancing the image and respectability of the Supplier.

DGS&D has a separate Quality Assurance Wing which undertakes the inspection of the stores to ensure that the supplied goods strictly follow the specifications as recorded by the given Rate Contracts.

The pioneering work done by VizExperts in the development of the GeorbIS 3D GIS platform and its requirement across a wide range of government organisations, have secured it a space on the DGS&D rate contract.

As part of the rate contract, the GeorbIS Vu and Pro products are available as Desktop and Server variants. Functional modules called CartridGIS allow rapid extension of functionality on the base platform. These include tools for real-time sensor data integration, sensor data fusion, UAV tracking, 3D analysis tools and visualising MIS data on GIS.


Check out the original release here.

DGS&D Rate Contract

GeorbIS 3D Simulaation


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