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VizExperts’ Digital Panorama on the Evolution of Life

Where do we come from? What is our origin? By ‘we’ and ‘our’ I don’t mean us individually but Humans as a whole. The Theory of Evolution is the answer. It is basically, how organisms change over time to adapt to various situational changes like climate, habitat, resources and the like. Growing up we all learnt the history of this origin and evolution in School. We read books that described this theory and the different stages of evolution in great detail. In addition, came across crude pictorial depictions of the same, but that was the limit of our practical exposure to the whole concept. We read page after page of theory that clouded our minds to the beauty of one of nature’s finest creations. This ability of all life forms to adapt to their surroundings, to change as per the situation dictates, to evolve! If only we had access to a Digital Panorama of the concept.

Evolution of Life

Furthermore, one can always learn about the concept by way of books, but to really appreciate the beauty of all this I am sure most of you would agree that a practical demonstration of the whole Story of our Evolution will be more well received. So imagine this. What if you can watch the entire story come to life all around you? Sounds interesting right.
We at VizExperts have created just that at Kolkata Science City. A 360 degree Digital Panorama depicting the entire story as it happened. With the help of experts from three continents we created a seamless display of images featuring six human species, ordered from the most ancient to most modern. Due to the huge size of the display the image could not be projected as a whole, so the canvas was stretched in 100 rows and 10 columns, creating 1000 image areas on which the projection is done.
For the video depicting the creation of the digital panorama click here.
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GeorbIS 3D GIS DGS&D Rate Contract

DGS&D performs the role of concluding rate contracts to be operated by the consuming departments of the Government for items of common use. DGS&D has been identifying such items, whose anticipated annual purchase by Government Organisations is normally more than Rs. 25 lakhs a year, and bringing such items on DGS&D Rate Contract.

The Buyers gain certain advantages while purchasing goods through the DGS&D Rate Contract scheme such as purchasing goods in bulk at lowest competitive price, saves time and effort in frequent tendering, allows the buyers to purchase goods as and when required, reduces inventory carrying cost by improving availability of goods and gives assurance as to the quality of the goods available.

The Suppliers also gain certain advantages by using a DGS&D Rate Contract such as, increasing the purchase quantity of their product without going through the tendering process helping them to save on administrative and marketing efforts and the use of DGS&D Rate Contract helps in enhancing the image and respectability of the Supplier.

DGS&D has a separate Quality Assurance Wing which undertakes the inspection of the stores to ensure that the supplied goods strictly follow the specifications as recorded by the given Rate Contracts.

The pioneering work done by VizExperts in the development of the GeorbIS 3D GIS platform and its requirement across a wide range of government organisations, have secured it a space on the DGS&D rate contract.

As part of the rate contract, the GeorbIS Vu and Pro products are available as Desktop and Server variants. Functional modules called CartridGIS allow rapid extension of functionality on the base platform. These include tools for real-time sensor data integration, sensor data fusion, UAV tracking, 3D analysis tools and visualising MIS data on GIS.


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DGS&D Rate Contract

GeorbIS 3D Simulaation


HTC Vive, the next big player in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality headset, for immersive experience

VizExperts has been in the Virtual Reality Industry for over 10 years. We have been providing training and serious gaming solutions across the armed forces and governmental organisations with Virtual Reality being a key component in the varied services we have provided. Of the various Virtual Reality gadgetry we’ve used as a Head Mounted Display, the HTC Vive is by far the most ergonomic, user friendly and advanced VR headset in the market.

The Human mind relies on its various senses to communicate with the surrounding environment. Apart from the major senses we learnt about in school, we have many more senses that allows our mind to stay connected with environment. Virtual Reality is basically defined as a near reality experience one can feel with the help of certain computer generated mediums.

The HTC Vive developed in collaboration with the gaming company Valve, uses a unique room scale tracking technology. This technology allows you to move about a 3D space and interact with the surrounding environment with hand held motion tracking controllers.

From a consumer angle, think about the childhood dreams of going to space. The mountaineering trips to the Himalayas or the Alps which never came to be. Deep sea diving and the like that were always postponed to a later date in lieu of a more practical vacation. You can experience all this and more from the confines of your home. From an enterprise angle, Virtual Reality has huge scope when it comes to Productivity and Training, Academics and Research, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Design, Medicine and Visualization. Just imagine how much simpler and safer on site job training will become if Virtual Reality is used. This is especially true for Blue Collared Jobs.

Very powerful Graphic Processors are required to run Virtual Reality successfully. As of right now in a commercial point of view only gamers possess the required specifications to use Virtual Reality. It is for this reason Virtual Reality has been introduced as a technology generally suited for the Gaming Industry. However there are no actual limitations as to what one can achieve with this technology as of now. Especially when it comes to the training and planning sectors. Serious gaming and training scenarios can be easily created with help of Virtual Reality to promote game based learning. This will allow our defence and security personnel to undergo realistic virtually enhanced training to improve mission response times and success rates.

Although HTC Vive is not the first VR headset to be introduced to the world, it is one that has refined most if not all the kinks that came with its various predecessors. Using 2 screens, one for each eye, and 70 sensors divided between the headset and the hand held controller, the headset provides you with a 110 degree field of vision. Apart from all this it also comes with a chaperone safety system that ensures that you will not breach the boundaries of the range.

VizExperts is a  proud enterprise partner of HTC Corporation. Having worked with VR from its nascent stages where a standard headset costed around $100,000 to the very latest model priced at only $800, there is little doubt HTC Vive is currently the most advanced and economical prospect when it comes to VR headsets.

VizExperts’ Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality
At VizExperts, we offer Virtual Reality solutions to improve the situational awareness for security forces using 3D Graphics. Also, we have collaborated with INCOIS to develop a system that forewarn the necessary authorities about the possibility of Tsunamis.
 Our client base includes the likes of Border Security Force (BSF), Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO) and Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). We also serve international conglomerates such as Halliburton, AMD and SGI.
  •   “We create a 3D model of terrain and fields using the maps and data obtained from satellites. Currently used by Indian army and BSF, it helps our forces to know about the area before venturing into it. We also created a virtual training exercise for soldiers of paramilitary forces which can be used with our GeorbIS 3D GIS platform.Using data provided by sensors fit in the sea, we can predict the height and speed of the waves,” says Mr. Praveen Bhaniramka, Co-founder & CEO, VizExperts

Of the varied projects undertaken by our company, one such is the building of a 24/7 operations capable control room for the Border Security Force (BSF). A decision support system was developed with the help of Virtual Reality Technology. The complete 3D geospacial database of all the BSF border assests along the eastern and western regions is available in this.
When speaking about the concept of Augmented Reality Technology and its applications Mr. Bhaniramka expects it to be a field full of unlimited potential. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are basically inverse reflections of one another.  Virtual Reality is an artificial, computer generated recreation of a real life environment. This allows the user to experience the simulated reality firsthand. Augmented Reality helps to layer an already existing surrounding with computer generated enhancement. Consequently allowing the user to directly interact with these changes.
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Barco’s Panoramic Presentation on Human Evolution

On the 6th of April 2016,  India’s National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) launched one of its most ambitious and impressive exhibits at the world renowned Kolkata Science City. The Science Exploration Hall comes with three galleries, which collaboratively depict the story of Human Evolution. A breathtaking 360 degree Panoramic Presentation, this seamless display uses eight projectors and a 1000 display panels.
Seamless Display

Evolution of Life

When it comes to projection systems, there is no doubt that Barco is one the the leading vendors when it comes to projectors for any type of display surfaces. This fact is proved thoroughly by the people who have witnessed the Display set up at Kolkata Science City. The most frequent comment is that the display is made up of the crispest of colours. Furthermore, Barco is heavily credited as a digital cinema leader with prior experience in these types of projects worldwide.
  •   “We are proud to support this exhibition and thus help India’s prestigious Science City bring science closer to the people. As a global technology leader, Barco is also on a continuous mission to encourage young people to take an interest in science and technology. We are honored that Science City chose our solutions to achieve that same objective.” said Mandar Gupte, Sales Director at Barco. 

The whole project was set up by VizExperts, who Barco maintains are the best Integrators of their projection systems in India.
The set up consists of a video wall processor system, enabling seamless display of the entire projection across 1000 panels in a 360 degree Panoramic Presentation. The Video Wall allows for the Projection to be integrated smoothly with eight projectors projecting the imagery onto the Displays.
  •   Given the scale of the set-up, the 360-degree panorama was a technically challenging project. However, the unmatched color and brightness consistency of Barco’s HDX projectors made this installation a breeze,” said Vaibhav Bansal, VizExperts’ VP Marketing. 

The entire presentation depicts the evolution of humans through all 6 known stages and is the first of its kind seen in India. While reading about the evolutionary cycle was interesting enough, imagine the feeling you will get seeing all your learnings come to life in front of your own eyes. Witness this revolutionary depiction created by VizExperts and barco at the direction of NCSM, at Kolkata Science CIty.
For a sneak peak on the creation of this project click here.
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Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality headset, for immersive experience

Virtual Reality has had a massive impact on standard and serious gaming applications across all industries. VizExperts has been in the Virtual Reality Industry for over 10 years. We have been providing serious gaming solutions across the armed forces and governmental organisations with Virtual Reality being a key component in the varied services we have provided. The Oculus Rift has been one of the first real semi Portable  Virtual Reality Headset that we have worked with.

Human Senses act as receptors for the Brain to communicate with the external environment. Virtual Reality enables the brain to communicate with a computer generated environment through the use of certain mediums. The Oculus Rift is one such Virtual Reality headset which by the use of Sensors allows the brain to connect with a Virtual surrounding.

Very powerful Graphic Processors are required to run Virtual Reality successfully. As of right now in a commercial point of view only gamers possess the required specifications to use Virtual Reality. It is for this reason Virtual Reality has been introduced as a technology generally suited for the Gaming Industry. However there are no actual limitations as to what one can achieve with this technology as of now.

One such application is in the creation of serious gaming concepts especially in the training and planning sectors. Just imagine how much our defence and security sectors can improve with the introduction of realistic on ground training applications with the help of Virtual Reality Technology. This Virtual Reality headset gives a big boost towards successfully introducing game based learning in all our training and planning sectors, not limited to just defence.

The Oculus Rift is one of the more refined versions of a Virtual Reality Headsets, far surpassing the likes of its predecessors. It employs an OLED panel on each eye with a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye. With a refresh rate of 90 hz and coming with inbuilt headphones. It comes with a 6 degree of freedom tracking system.

VizExperts has worked with VR from its nascent stages where a standard headset costed around $100,000 to the very latest model priced at only $800. The Oculus Rift is a highly advanced and economical choice when it comes to VR headsets.

VizExperts’ Digital Sand Model For Defense Forces

Geospatial intelligence
Make in India for Defence

Gurugram-based startup VizExperts launched its revolutionary product Digital Sand Model, an integrated comprehensive 3D GIS solution deployed successfully in the Border Security Force Headquarter, New Delhi, 2011. The company works in the realm of 3D graphics and geospatial intelligence by providing integrated products with combining technologies such as 3D GIS, 3D Graphics, simulation and gaming.

The problem it solves? When armed forces are flown from different regions to handle security operations in unknown terrains such as the recent Pathankot operation, it is extremely crucial for them to have accurate information of their own assets as well as that of your enemy— where their weapons are stationed, their movements etc. This is only possible through advanced technology solutions, however Bhaniramka found that although the army buys a lot of such technologies, but adoption is a huge challenge. “First, the armed forces are not IT savvy and often these products are so complex that they need to spend a month-long training to get started with the product,” he says.

  • With the Digital Sand Model, the defense personnel on a 32 inch PC, can locate their enemy, their assets etc, and plan their moves even before they reach there, resulting in significant saving of resources,”  says Mr. Praveen Bhaniramka, Co-founder & CEO, VizExperts.

The bootstrapped startup which took off with the initial investment of $100,000 find scaling up its biggest challenge ahead. Since it deals majorly with the government and various governmental organizations, problems ring in when decision making at the top slows down. So, it is attracting talent with expertise in different technologies and aligning them to achieve a common goal.
What keeps VizExperts busy right now is finding some more use-cases of the Digital Sand Model across other industries. Like-Civil aviation for air traffic control, disaster management, transportation and logistics.

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VizExperts’ Smart DSS Platform

Mr, Praveen Bhaniramka, Co-founder & CEO, VizExperts was featured in the ‘Rising Stars‘, Bloomberg TV India channel in which he talked about how VizExperts provide a smart DSS platform to decode and transform voluminous data through superior visual computing solutions to its users. VizExperts initially started out as a company providing software solutions and services to various governmental organisations and later entered into Research and Development of products. VizExperts introduced its first product Digital Sand Model Technology which is an integration of 4 different technologies – 3D graphics, high resolution satellite data, simulation and GIS. This helps the armed forces to have a better situational awareness of various terrains and helps to improve the planning process.

  • VizExperts (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a 3D Graphics technology company competing over other foreign OEMS in the Indian market. We had started with the Government Organizations and gradually started reaching out to the users of technology especially the defense sector. Our key clients include the Indian Army and Security Establishments like Paramilitary and Police.


CatridGIS, Functionality Extensions of GeorbIS

VizExperts flagship product, GeorbIS is built on a highly modular architecture which ensures universal database compatibility allowing but not limited to, Adoption as a scalable cross platform and Integration with existing GIS infrastructures. This basically means that our product can be customized based on the requirement of the user. This customization is possible due to the functionality extensions that come with the product called CatridGIS. There are 6 CatridGIS available in our product and are described as follows.



The CatridGIS Analyst is useful for making standard as well as advanced Geospatial Analysis. Capable of building advanced models with the data collected from the Analyses.



The CatridGIS Processor is used for the rapid pre-processing of data and also Optimization of Data. It uses certain third party tools to recreate the 3D terrain using images captured by any consumer imaging device.


The CatridGIS Intel acts as a gateway for Business Intelligence and report generation on GIS. Capable of generating advanced reports in both 2D and 3D formats in run time. It can also create a graphic visualisation of the collected data for better analysis and decision making. The Intel Functionality analyses the trends that occur in the standard voluminous data collected and also acts as a Query Builder for better analysis and visualisation of the overall data collected.



The CatridGIS Footprint is used for the integration of real time sensor data. This functionality basically allows you to Stream, Visualize and Analyse real time data in context with terrain. The Footprint has support for various GPS devices, UAV’s, Live Feed Videos, Geo-Fencing and the like.


The CatridGIS Stratagem comes with various support features like Operations Planning, analysis, Training and Mission Briefing. It allows visualising the movement of dynamic entities on different terrains which can basically be called as Mission Animations.



GeorbIS is a 3D GIS solution which helps in the transforming of voluminous data, making decision making much more intelligent. Different organisations have different needs when it comes to the utilisation of their raw data. The basic reason for introducing these function specific CatridGIS is to help organisations identify their exact need and to make the customization of their required specifications more readily developed.



VizExperts Digital Sand Model Technology

VizExperts, a 10 year technology startup has taken the Indian defence market by storm with its indigenous flagship product Digital Sand Model, an integrated OGC certified integrated 3D GIS solution. The Digital Sand Model Technology is an integration of four different technologies – 3D graphics, high resolution satellite data, simulation and GIS (Geographical Information System). The technology relies on the GeorbIS 3D GIS platform to record information on different terrains and also makes use of audio visual hardware. This technology helps to give improved situational awareness to the armed forces.

The Digital Sand Model Technology was deployed successfully at the Border Security Force HQ, New Delhi, helps in operation planning, mission briefing and training for all the security forces including the Indian paramilitary, police and the armed forces. The BSF has used this technology succesfully to gain information on various terrains and to obtain a direct feed the situation in any terrain. The start-up was recognised for its services to the BSF during the farewell ceremony organised for DK Pathak, Deputy General, BSF at Shaheed RK Wadhwa Parade ground.

  • -Praveen Bhaniramka, founder and CEO of VizExperts. “We consider it an honor, to be of assistance to our country’s defence mechanism and keeping our work in line with our Prime Minister’s Make in India programme. It gives us immense pride and a sense of real purpose in what we do. We sincerely thank everyone at BSF, particularly DG BSF Shri Pathak, for giving us this opportunity to serve our nation.”

BSF officials congratulated VizExperts for their efforts and contribution. Further they stated that the Digital Sand Model technology along with the OPS Information System deployed at BSF Integrated OPS room by VizExperts, would be very useful for BSF and other forces, for better situational awareness, operation planning and informed decision making.



Read the actual release  here

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