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Barco’s Panoramic Presentation on Human Evolution

On the 6th of April 2016,  India’s National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) launched one of its most ambitious and impressive exhibits at the world renowned Kolkata Science City. The Science Exploration Hall comes with three galleries, which collaboratively depict the story of Human Evolution. A breathtaking 360 degree Panoramic Presentation, this seamless display uses eight projectors and a 1000 display panels.
Seamless Display

Evolution of Life

When it comes to projection systems, there is no doubt that Barco is one the the leading vendors when it comes to projectors for any type of display surfaces. This fact is proved thoroughly by the people who have witnessed the Display set up at Kolkata Science City. The most frequent comment is that the display is made up of the crispest of colours. Furthermore, Barco is heavily credited as a digital cinema leader with prior experience in these types of projects worldwide.
  •   “We are proud to support this exhibition and thus help India’s prestigious Science City bring science closer to the people. As a global technology leader, Barco is also on a continuous mission to encourage young people to take an interest in science and technology. We are honored that Science City chose our solutions to achieve that same objective.” said Mandar Gupte, Sales Director at Barco. 

The whole project was set up by VizExperts, who Barco maintains are the best Integrators of their projection systems in India.
The set up consists of a video wall processor system, enabling seamless display of the entire projection across 1000 panels in a 360 degree Panoramic Presentation. The Video Wall allows for the Projection to be integrated smoothly with eight projectors projecting the imagery onto the Displays.
  •   Given the scale of the set-up, the 360-degree panorama was a technically challenging project. However, the unmatched color and brightness consistency of Barco’s HDX projectors made this installation a breeze,” said Vaibhav Bansal, VizExperts’ VP Marketing. 

The entire presentation depicts the evolution of humans through all 6 known stages and is the first of its kind seen in India. While reading about the evolutionary cycle was interesting enough, imagine the feeling you will get seeing all your learnings come to life in front of your own eyes. Witness this revolutionary depiction created by VizExperts and barco at the direction of NCSM, at Kolkata Science CIty.
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